100919_Taize_0040St. John Bosco’s Pathways to Hope is happy to offer a video Taize Experience on Friday, August 18, 2020.

The Pathways to Hope Ministry Team hosts a Taize prayer service four times a year. Whether in person or in your home, Taize is a quiet, prayerful experience between you and God. The structure involves vocal chants, the repetition of a scripture passage, long periods of silent reflection, candles and prayer intentions. Attendees have commented on how they’ve been able to relax their minds from all of life’s distractions and find comfort in a contemplative setting.Our August Taize service will be posted as a video on August 18, 2020 on the St. John Bosco Facebook page. Carve out some time for this peace-filled hour and please share the video post with friends and family.


Visit our parish Facebook Page to view it. Watch this space for more details closer to the event.