The Triune God

Tinity IconThere is an old Hassidic tale about the Israelites’ escape from Pharaoh’s army at the Red Sea. According to the Story, Moses and the Israelites played their harps and flutes, sang and danced as the Red Sea parted to let the children of Israel pass through to safety.

But in heaven, an angel says, “Wait. Look, the Creator of the Universe is sitting there weeping!”

The heavenly host approached God and asked, “Why are you weeping when Israel, your nation and people, have been delivered by your power?”

And God, the Master of the Universe said, “I am weeping for the dead Egyptians washed up on the shore – somebody’s sons, somebody’s husbands, somebody’s fathers.”

The compassion of God transcends the labels and stereotypes of race, nationality, gender and creed. The “Spirit of Truth,” whom Jesus told his disciples would proceed from the Father and was breathed into the Church on Pentecost, does not set up barriers between the “good” and the “bad.” Nor does it define the differences between “us” and “them.” The “Spirit of Truth,” seeks to make us understand that all men and women are children of God, sons and daughters of the Father who loves and protects each and every one of us.

This Sunday is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. This solemnity commemorates the central dogma of Christianity – the Trinity. One of the greatest gifts of the Christian faith is the dogma of the triune God. God is three (tri) in one (une). The Christian God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is relational. How amazing and wonderfully mysterious at the same time!

This solemnity calls us to embrace the vision of God the Father, revealed in the Son and realized in the Spirit – that the love and justice of God breaks down every barrier we build and transcends every condition and qualification we set. The Spirit of God enables us to see one another as God sees us, to realize the love of God in our midst, to behold the love of God in every one of His sons and daughters.

This Sunday is also Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are reading today’s blog – may God’s blessing be with all of you!

I encourage you to sit back and watch this explanation of Andrei Rublev’s icon of the Holy Trinity.  It will take you 15 minutes – but I promise, it is a very informative and prayerful reflection.

Question – In what ways do you give witness to God’s saving presence?

June 11th, 2014 |