The Faith to Say Yes.

Annunciation of the LordGreat things being with a simple, single yes.

A poor black woman in Birmingham, Alabama, responds to the voice of self-respect and dignity within her. Yes, I am as good and as human as any white man or woman. And she keeps her seat on that downtown bus – and the walls of racism and segregation begin to crumble.

An Albanian nun teaching in India says yes to the call she hears in the silence of her heart to love the unlovable of Calcutta’s slums. And she and her sisters bring God’s hope and healing to the most God-forsaken place on earth.

A small band of ship builders in Poland say yes to their nation’s long suppressed and trampled dreams of freedom and self-determination. Their stubborn little union, Solidarity, ignites the transformation not only of their own Polish homeland but of all Eastern Europe from enslavement to freedom, from ruthless tyranny to self-determination, from persecution to justice, and from cold cynicism to hopeful creativity.

Today we celebrate the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary of God’s plan for her to give birth to the Messiah. Despite her quite understandable fear and confusion, Mary says yes. Her yes is to God, yes to the gift of this child, yes to the vocation of motherhood. Her yes changes the entire course of human history – our God takes on flesh in Christ Jesus. His life, death and resurrection bring salvation to the world!

In the Annunciation, Mary says yes for all of us. Each one of us is called to echo that yes to God in our own lives. Yes to accepting Christ into our hearts and our homes. Yes to making a difference in our world because we believe that when we open our lives to God’s transforming grace great things can and will happen.

Loving and gracious God, may we possess the faith and trust of your daughter Mary to say “yes” to your calling to make your presence known in our time and place. Open our hearts to receive the gift of your Son. Open our spirits that we may bring the gift of Christ to our waiting world.

Question – In what ways are you bearing God to the world that encounters you each day?

March 25th, 2015 |