Meet the People Who Lead and Serve at St. John Bosco Parish

Below are links to articles about the people who lead and serve at St. John Bosco Parish.

Barb and Marianne

September 9, 2021~Meet Barb Sekerak and Marianne Brooks: Building God’s Kingdom through Stewardship

Left to right:  Sue Shanks, Diane Schneider, Mary Lauritz, and Lynne Hall with SJB School Yearbooks

August 20, 2021~Meet Mary Lauritz and Family – Four Founding Members of SJB


June 29, 2021~Meet Jan Bacher: The Eyes and Ears of SJB Parish

Tom H 2

May 10, 2021~Meet Tom Halloran: A Man for Others and Financial Manager


3.2.21~Meet Ray Andrasak: Following in Frederic Ozanam’s Footsteps


2.5.21~Meet Mike Gibson: Spreading the Light of Youth Ministry

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11.20~Meet Christine Kall: The Power of the Spirit at Work


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10.20~Meet Norm Cotone: Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord


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9.20~Meet Deacon Roger: A Joyful Heart for the Lord