May Providence Favor Our Undertaking

Take out a one-dollar bill and look at the back. There you will find the Great Seal of the United States. One side of the seal features the familiar American eagle clutching in its talons both arrows and an olive branch, with the 13 stars clustered above its head.

But look at the reverse side of the seal, the circle on the left of the dollar bill. There, under the eye of God, is a pyramid – but the pyramid is unfinished. The designers of the seal did that purposely. The United States of America is a country that always remains incomplete, its work never finished. Building the nation of justice and peace envisioned by our founders is a never-ending task that began in 1776 and continues to our day and will continue, God willing, for centuries to come.

And, in the words of the Great Seal of the United States, the building of the American pyramid takes place under the eye of God and with the prayer Annuit Coeptis – “May Providence favor our undertaking.”

Both the work of building the United States and the establishing of God’s kingdom continue. We all must do our part as citizens of this country and disciples of Jesus Christ. It would be irresponsible for anyone to simply sit back and let others do the work.

This Friday is the Fourth of July. Independence Day honors the birthday of the United States and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It is a day of picnics and patriotic parades and a night of concerts and fireworks. It is also a day to give thanks to God that we live in a country that is blessed with an incredible gift of freedom.

As we anticipate the celebrate our nation’s founding, may all recommit ourselves to the work of building the pyramid that is the United States of America – life, liberty and justice for all. As baptized in the light of Jesus Christ, may we continue the work of the Gospel – to be messengers and prophets, ministers and agents of God’s reign of peace, compassion, love, and reconciliation to all.

If you are celebrating Independence Day in Parma Heights, please consider starting off the day by joining us for morning Mass at Saint John Bosco at 9:00 am – or with Bishop Richard Lennon at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist at 10:00 am as he concludes the Fortnight for Freedom.

Question – What are some of your memories of Independence Day in year past? What intentions will you be including in your prayers on the Fourth of July?

July 2nd, 2014 |