Hearing the Voice of Christ

prayer-card-jesus-prayer-for-vocationsA true story . . .

Many years ago a fire consumed a building in New York City. A blind girl was trapped on the fourth floor, perched on a window ledge. Firefighters could not maneuver their ladder truck between the buildings, so a net was set up to catch the girl – but because she was blind, she was too terrified to jump, despite the firefighter’s coaxing.

After many anxious moments, her father arrived on the scene. He shouted to her that there was a net and that she should jump on his command. The girl jumped and was so completely relaxed that she did not break a bone or strain a muscle in the four-story fall – all because she trusted her father when she heard his voice.

This Sunday, May 11th, is the 51st World Day of Prayer for Vocation. In his message on this year’s theme, “Vocations, Witness to the Truth,” Pope Francis reminds us that “Today too, Jesus lives and walks along the path of ordinary life in order to draw near to everyone, beginning with the least.” He then says that in order to understand what our vocation is, be it single, married, consecrated life, as well as priestly life, we must, “listen to and follow the voice of Christ that rings out in the Church.”

Yet, our lives are filled with noise and distractions and calamities that obscure the voice we desperately strain to hear. The voice of calm. The voice of reason. The voice of assurance. The voice of unconditional and unqualified love.

Such is the voice of Christ. Christ speaks to us in the quiet of our hearts. Christ speaks to us through prayer, Sacred Scripture, the Eucharist and the Sacraments. Christ speaks to us in the unqualified love of family and friends. Christ speaks to us in the cries of those who call out to us in need.

As we anticipate the celebration of World Day of Prayer for Vocations, we pray that the Easter Christ will not only open our ears but our minds and spirits to hear His voice amid the demanding and conflicting voices that shout at us every day of our lives.

As we hear His voice, may we place our trust in Him – loving Him with all our heart, with all our thoughts, and with all our strength.” (Mark 12:33)

Finally, Sunday is also Mother’s Day. So happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers who are reading today’s blog – may God’s blessing be with all of you.

Question – What do you need to do in your life to be able to hear the voice of Christ more clearly?

May 7th, 2014 |