Parish Life: Holiness and Witness Blog

The First Day – We’ve All Been There

In this week's blog, as students are preparing to return to the classroom, Father Jurcak reminds us that we all need to create an atmosphere of love, compassion and welcome in the "school-yard" of our life - and not to allow the events of the past five days to enable us to think that living in any other way is living as a Christian.

As Summer Continues to Unfold

In this week's blog, Father Jurcak encourages us to be sure to spend time this summer spending time with others and with God.

Summer Living

On this first day of summer, Father Jurcak encourages us to do what we can to slow our lives down a bit and enjoy the "Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer." It's still a possibility in the midst of the busyness of life!

In Flanders Fields

In this week's blog, Father Jurcak encourages everyone to remember that Memorial Day is time to remember those members of the Armed Forces who have given of their lives in service to the freedom that we enjoy every day.

Called to Holiness & Sent to Serve

In this week's blog, Father Jurcak highlights the growth that is taking place at Saint John Bosco that is challenging us to realize that we are "called to holiness" and "sent to serve."