As Summer Continues to Unfold

What matters most to you? What is the treasure you are willing to “sell all you have” in order to buy? Just check your calendar and you’ll find out. As writer Annie Dillard says in her book The Writing Life, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our life.” The days, hours, and minutes of our lives are the great fortune that we have to spend, whether it’s spent on the pearl of great price or squandered away on one valueless trinket after another. What we do with the precious gifts of our time and our talents reveals what we truly value, whether it be wisdom, faith and love – or our own comfort, ease and amusement. During these summer days how much time are we spending in prayer? Have our conversations with God taken a back seat to the other activities of life? Think about family and friends. Have these summer days allowed us to be with them a little more? As the days of summer continue to unfold, I thought that it might be appropriate to share some insights that Pope Emeritus Benedict offered a few years ago about how we could spend the days of summer. For most of us summer means vacation. But remember – being on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean going to the beach or taking a big city tour. It could be a visit to family out of state or right here at home that you’ve been putting off. Or maybe it’s a day at Cedar Point, at one of our state parks, or along Lake Erie. Benedict suggested two goals for vacation besides relaxation – spending time with others and spending time with God. It’s obvious how to spend time with other people – bring them along or go with them. But how do we spend time with God while on vacation? The pope offers three ideas – being in nature, reading scripture and visiting sacred places. Those suggestions seem pretty good to me. Do your best to enjoy these summer months! After all, before you know it they will be just a memory. To slow down my life a little during these summer days, through Labor Day I will be blogging every other week – so my next blog will be on August 6th. Question – Consider sharing with us how you are spending these summer months. How are you spending some of your time with God, family and friends?

July 31st, 2014 |